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Royal Slope Orchards & Storage

Apples grown organically and conventionally:

  •     Early Fuji

  •     Fuji

  •     Gala

  •     Golden Delicious

  •     Granny Smith

  •     Honeycrisp

  •     Red Delicious

  •     Wildfire Gala

  •     Cosmic Crisp

  •     Premier Honeycrisp

Cherries grown organically and conventionally:

  •     Bing

  •     Chelan

  •     Lapin

  •     Skeena

  •     Sweetheart

  •     Coral Champagne

  •     Black Pearl

  •     Ebony Pearl   


CA Storage

In 1994, the first phase of our controlled-atmosphere (CA) storage facility in Royal City was completed with six rooms, each with the capacity to hold 1,800 bins of fruit, with capacity for 2,000 more bins in temperature-controlled common storage. The second phase of the project was completed in 2011 with the addition of four more rooms, providing total capacity of 20,000 bins.


Pine Canyon Apple Packing Shed

In 2016, Josh Lawrence partnered with a handful of other area growers in Pine Canyon Growers, a tree fruit packing operation located in Orondo, WA.

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