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About Us

Lawrence Enterprises is a diversified agricultural operation located on the Royal Slope in the Columbia Basin of eastern Washington. We raise a broad range of crops consisting of apples, cherries, wine grapes, potatoes, onions, wheat, beans, alfalfa and timothy.

As a diversification to production agriculture we also own a controlled-atmosphere apple storage facility, an estate winery - Gard Vintners, and a compost facility. We also have partnerships in an apple packing facility, Pine Canyon Growers, and a custom crush winery, M&L Production.


It took a big decision in 1964 that went against conventional wisdom for Sandy Lawrence to choose the Royal Slope to lay down his roots as a farmer. The magnitude of this decision has been discussed many times and appreciated many more. With as much as Sandy and his brother John accomplished as farmers, none of these successes outweighs the initial decision...

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Josh Lawrence

Owner, CEO

John Lawrence


Brad Gentry


Isidro Mondragon

Manager, Orchards & Vineyards

Tom Freeman

Manager, Farms

Adrian Roozen

Manager, Orchards & Vineyards

Sunrise over the Wheat Field
Boyd Phillips

Manager, Farms & Transportation

Matias Kusulas


Sunrise over the Wheat Field
Michelle Schonewald

Payroll, Accounts Payable & HR

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